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February 17, 2024

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” 2 Timothy 3:16.

During the colder season, many of us wear beanies. I am one of them. It’s better than wearing a cap since it keeps my head warmer. One time, I came back home and took off my beanie. I threw it on the couch instead of hanging it in the closet, thinking that I will wear it again real soon. So every time I am in the living room, I notice it’s there, too lazy to put it back in place.

Next early morning, as I am getting ready to head out, I looked for my beanie and I couldn’t find it. I looked all over but I could not locate it. Actually I couldn’t find it for the next couple days. I really like this beanie. I bought this about many years ago when I went to Okinawa, Japan to go SCUBA diving. I hated to think that I lost it after all these years.

On the third day, I am lying on the floor of the living room playing with the kids and then suddenly my beanie comes into my sight! It was hidden under the couch! I mean, I looked under before but for some reason I couldn’t find it then! And for some reason, at a new angle as I was lying on the floor I was able to spot my favorite beanie. Don’t you all have a similar experience?

Reading the Bible is like that. There is always something you will blessed with when you read. You may say, it’s so boring, or it’s hard to understand. Maybe you need a different angle. The blessing is there but you simply can’t spot it from where you are. The Bible was written for us so that we can understand. Even when you read the same passage over and over again, it comes to you in a different way of blessings. So keep searching and reading. There will be joy.


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