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November 18, 2023

“Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” Matthew 24:44.


Ttori ttori. That’s what Sebin used to say as a baby when she wanted to go pee. 

After some months of potty training, Sebin could go throughout the day without a diaper on. The only time she’d wear was at night when it was time for bed. She wouldn’t wear it during daytime naps because she can hold herself pretty well.


During the day while she is playing she would say “ttori ttori” and go to her little toilet and pee. But you know what happens when she is having so much fun playing? She will hold her pee as long as she can. She wouldn’t go even when we could tell that she wanted to pee. Her body language clearly said she wants to go. She would start twisting her legs or start running back and forth in the living room, but she wouldn’t go! We would tell Sebin, “Go ttori ttori right now!” And she wouldn’t listen. She was just having too much fun at the moment and she didn’t want to be bothered. 


At last, she could not hold it anymore. She would run to her little toilet and blast! But you know what, sometimes it’s too late and later I would find that her pants are slightly wet. Hyemi and I would always tell her, “You should have gone earlier. It’s ok go when you need to go because you can play again after!” 


We can make a similar mistake in our lives as we dearly await for Jesus to come. It may be just too much fun in the world that we wait and wait before we let out the sins of our lives. We hold it as much as we can, saying it’s not the time now, that we can hold it a little bit longer. Cleansing ourselves from our sinfulness must be done now. There is no time to wait. We should ask Jesus to clean us now. If we wait, we might just wet our pants and it’s too late…

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