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November 25, 2023

“The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want… For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.” Psalm 23:1,4.


So one day, a few days after Sejin was born, Sebin and I went down to the Twin Cities to buy some Korean food. It’s about two and half hour drive one way. We came back pretty late and it was just right after midnight when we got home. Sebin was deep into her sleep so I took her out of her car seat. My goal is now to safely take my girl into the house. I think it was about 50-60ft. from the garage to the house. In the dark, as I was approaching the house door, I saw this big shade. The shade was darker than the night. In my terror, I realized it was a bear standing in front of my house door! I froze. A lot went through my mind so quickly. How can a bear be in this neighborhood? I’ve seen a few deer here before, but a bear? I had Sebin in my arms. At this time my only thought was, I need to keep my baby safe. I need to protect her. I ran back into the garage and shut the garage door down as fast as I could. I called 911 but all that the responder told me was to just wait until it goes away. (I have a feeling she didn’t believe what I was saying. Maybe she thought I was drunk to call at midnight to report a bear standing at my doorstep. But it was a bear. I double, triple-checked through my garage windows.) Eventually, it slowly walked away and we finally made it back home. All this time Sebin was sleeping and she had no idea what had happened.


It seems David was used to these kinds of situations. David told King Saul as he tried to fight Goliath that he had protected his flock from a bear or a lion. (Unlike David, the best I could do was run since the garage was only a few steps away.) From these experiences, David perhaps understood what God does for us. And perhaps that’s how he got to write Psalm 23. I thank God for His protection. He watches over us and keeps us. I am thankful to have such a Father.


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