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"Remember me, O my God, concerning this also, and spare me according to the greatness of Your mercy!" Nehemiah 13:22

The word "Reformation" is one of the keywords that we hear often in our Adventist church these days. It's very important for us to stay faithful to God and if we seem to be straying away, then we need to learn to "reform" back to God.

That is what we see in the last chapter of the book of Nehemiah (It'd be awesome if you'd take the time to read the chapter!), reformation. As the people of God were settling down when they returned home, Nehemiah felt the need of reformation and he acted upon the work of reformation. The chapter talks about the difficulties of executing the reformation but he did it. And each time a change is made, Nehemiah asks God to remember him for what He has done.

This is a very powerful lesson for us to learn from. God knows what we do. He cares for us and He wants us to change and be more like Him. When we do our best to reform, He will "remember" us!


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