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Shout Louder

As Jesus approached Jericho, a blind man was sitting by the roadside begging. When he heard the crowd going by, he asked what was happening. They told him, “Jesus of Nazareth is passing by. ”He called out, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” Those who led the way rebuked him and told him to be quiet, but he shouted all the more, “Son of David, have mercy on me!” Jesus stopped and ordered the man to be brought to him. When he came near, Jesus asked him, “What do you want me to do for you?”

“Lord, I want to see,” he replied.

Jesus said to him, “Receive your sight; your faith has healed you.” Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus, praising God. When all the people saw it, they also praised God.

This passage is found in Luke 18:35-43. A friend of mine in Korea blogged about this passage and it really caught my interest. Here we see a blind beggar. It's a double disadvantage of blindness and being a beggar all his life.

When this man hears that Jesus is coming, he calls out as loud as he can to get the attention of Jesus. He is stopped, but he does not give up. He shouts out louder! As he gets the attention of Jesus, his forever wish is granted, to see. Jesus mentions that it was his "faith" that healed him.

It is interesting to note that a man who could not see called out to Jesus. What about the rest? It must have been easier for the healthier people to spot the Savior, yet most kept quiet. They just tended to what they do and just observed, but not called out to Jesus. And I wonder which side is blind, spiritually. It was probably the necessity to be healed that made the blind man "see" Jesus.

How do we look to Jesus? Are we blind spiritually? Do we take things for granted? Jesus is in our lives and I pray that we get to see and accept Him in our lives and may we be changed toward His goodness.


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